Debating Competitions

St Catherine's girls have recently taken part in two significant new developments for the school - our first national debate competition and the House Debating Competition.

In the Mace debate held at Greycourt School on Monday 28th November, a Year 11 team of Rosie Henderson and Miranda Hodgson, beat a sixth form team from LEH, which was a great result for their first proper competition debate. They very narrowly missed going through to the next round, being pipped by an U6th team of experienced debaters from Tiffin.

On the next day the school held its first House Debating Competition final between Bronte and Nightingale on the motion: This house believes that marriage is an outdated institution.

The debate was a very high standard with both teams presenting well researched arguments and, crucially, giving and responding to points of information. The vote was put to the whole school and the motion was very narrowly carried. This did not influence the awarding of the winner, which was judged on competition debate standards, and went to Bronte.

It is very much hoped that the superb example set by this high quality debate will encourage younger years to get involved and provide competition teams for the future.

Mr Skidmore.

Director of Studies and Head of Politics