Duke of Edinburgh Silver Practice


On the 26th May, we set off from school en route to Dorset for our Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice. We travelled by minibus and arrived on the coast at a very picturesque spot opposite Brownsea Island where we pitched our tents and made a cosy campsite. We were provided with trangias on which we cooked our meal. For dinner we had tomato soup followed by bacon and pasta for. We thoroughly enjoyed the view across the campsite and soon went to sleep. As we were in our tent, we heard thunder and saw flashes of lightning lighting up our tents. We woke up the next day, had breakfast and set off for a day of trekking.

On the second day, we walked through Norden and passed many iconic places such as Corfe Castle and the Swanage railway. After 4 hours of walking, we met the teachers below Corfe Castle where we then had our lunch and re-energised to tackle the hills of Purbeck. We arrived at the next campsite and found our teachers waiting for us. We then pitched our tents, made a delicious dinner, reflected on our journey and had a well-deserved rest.

On the Sunday we set off at 8am and made our way towards the Obelisk and up several hills. Using compasses and maps, we successfully navigated our way to Studland village where we met the teachers, refilled our water bottles and set off once again towards the coast. We walked along the beach and the weather was lovely and sunny, unlike previously where it had been raining. After 6 hours of walking, we met Mrs Saddler on Studland beach and ate our lunch.

Overall, it was a great weekend and an amazing experience, we look
forward to doing the real thing very soon to complete our Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Expedition. Thank you to Mrs Saddler for organising andpreparing us for the weekend, Mr Rock, Mr Melling and Mr Cox for their help.

Priya Soni and Sharuka Sivathasan - Year 10