Food Technology

Learning and putting into practice, healthy eating has positive implications for a student's physical well being. Studies have shown that food habits learned at an early age are hard to influence and change. At St Catherine`s, the Food Technology curriculum allows pupils to develop knowledge and skills that will help them to acquire life skills in cooking and understand their importance in establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Year 7- Food and Cooking Skills

Pupils are encouraged to broaden their practical skills learned in the Prep dept and/or at home. We aim for them to work independently through recipes as much as possible by the end of the year, in an organised, safe and hygienic manner. The Eat Well Guide is covered as well as food groups such as cereals, dairy food, vegetarians and healthy breakfasts/snacks. Dishes made include fruit salad, stuffed peppers, spicy vegetable soup, fruit crumble, pizza,cinnamon buns, gingerbread men, American pancakes and Easter biscuits .

Year 8 - Diet and Health

This year we are developing pupils`knowledge of healthy eating, the importance of hydration and the nutrients, including protein, vitamins and minerals. We also explore multi-cultural dishes and aim to extend their practical skills by covering bread and cake making/decorating in depth.
Dishes made include paella, Irish soda bread, mini bread rolls, Chelsea buns, Mini Christmas cakes, cheesecake, pancakes, meatballs with pasta and Easter cakes.

Year 9 - Food Preparation

Pupils lay the foundations for the new GCSE specification, Food Preparation and Nutrition. The dietary needs of adolescents as well as a range of different cultures are taught, for example British, Asian and Mexican. Pupils are encouraged to focus on a range of finishing techniques for their outcomes, in order to achieve the highest standard possible. Dishes made include quiche, Dutch apple cake, spicy wraps and salsa, burritos, pasta bake, cottage pie, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, lemon sponge pudding and fruit tray bake.


KS4 - AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition

This is a practical and creative course which focuses on giving pupils the necessary skills and subject knowledge to provide the foundation for the coursework (50%) and final examination (50%) in year 11.
Topics/themes are food, nutrition and health, food science, food safety, food choice, food provenance. Practical skills include preparing fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, using a wide range of electrical devices, cooking methods, combining ingredients, sauce making, tenderising and marinating different ingredients,making dough:bread, pastry and pasta, use of raising agents and setting mixtures through the use of heat and protein. Awareness of current food issues and media articles are important for class discussions

KS5 - AQA Food Technology

This course enables students to gain a deep understanding of the relationship between design, materials, manufacture and marketing. There is a mix of classroom learning and practical learning-by-doing. Coursework is worth 50% and the final 2 hour exam 50%. At AS we study materials and components, market influences and manufacturing processes. Practical work will include designing, making and launching a product. At A2 we continue to learn about manufacturing through to marketing, whilst the practical sessions give students more experience at creating and testing new food ideas

Teaching staff
Mrs S Parfitt- Head of Food Technology
Mrs C Smyth