Physical Education

What are they being taught?

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Students study a variety of performance, leadership skills and concepts through netball, hockey, swimming, trampolining, gymnastics, basketball, badminton, rounders, cricket, athletics and health related fitness. Throughout KS3 all girls are encouraged to monitor their own fitness (reflecting upon test data) and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, ensuring that they opt into extra-curricular activities.  

We offer a programme to support every student encouraging them to be the best that they can be. The ‘best’ will be a very different experience for each student, which is why we strive for a ‘sport for all’ ethos coupled with the pursuit of excellence and development of pathways. ( ie. taking GCSE PE, A Level PE, representing Borough/Regional /National level etc)

We continue to develop links with St Mary’s University, sharing pool, astro turfs and athletics facilities and we have recently established links with East Molesey Cricket club.

At Key Stage 3 students experience one double and one single lesson (45minutes) of PE each week, during curriculum time. A wide range of extra-curricular clubs/fixtures are always available.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

Students develop knowledge and understanding of performance, leadership and officiating which aims to encourage lifelong participation through adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

We continue in Key Stage 4 to offer a programme to support every student encouraging them to be the best that they can be. At St Catherine’s not only do we instil a passion for performance and interest for longevity, but we are also proud to support many students through the achievement of national coaching and officiating awards.

Activities taught: netball, hockey, basketball, badminton, trampolining, swimming, rounders, athletics, HRA and various options (involving local community resources): horse riding, rowing, Zumba, rock climbing, cricket, canoeing, fencing, dry slope skiing etc.)

At Key Stage 4 students receive a double lesson of core PE each week  (90 minutes).

GCSE PE - the PE department also runs GCSE PE (Edexcel) for those wishing to pursue this.

The course is of both a practical and theoretical nature. Students who have developed a great passion for sport are encouraged to take this option. They are assessed on their performance in four activities as either a performer, a coach, or an official in a wide range of sports.

It is possible to be assessed in sports performed outside of school. The students’ PE teacher contacts club coaches, arranges for video footage to be recorded and then submits this video assessment for moderation.


Extra Curricular support:

Sport and physical well–being are part of life at St Catherine’s School.  We aim to inspire all, through offering a range of opportunities to as many pupils as possible as well as providing an extensive fixtures list. Extra-curricular opportunities are available to all, in addition to support in pursuit of developing pathways.

Our girls compete regularly against schools in the local and national arena. Success and endeavor are celebrated and recognised, whether achievement is on an individual or team basis. There have been many occasions in recent years where the School has supported rising Gifted and Talented students in their sporting ambitions alongside their academic goals. 


  • Hall with gymnastics equipment, three trampolines, badminton and basketball facilities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Suite
  • Two netball/tennis courts
  • Field for hockey, football, athletics, rounders, cricket.

Extra Curricular Clubs  also run at St Mary’s University, using their Sports Hall and Astro Pitches.


Mrs J Healey  Head of PE

Miss E MacDonald