Prep News

    Stunning Inspection Reports for St Catherine’s School

    St Catherine’s School has recently received two inspections, the first by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster and the second by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Both reports give St Catherine’s the highest grade possible in all categories - "outstanding" from the Diocese and "excellent" from the ISI. Both speak glowingly about the ethos and performance of the School.

    Each report is a resounding endorsement of the superb quality of education that St Catherine’s School provides.  In particular, they highlight that ‘pupils make excellent progress’, ‘the more able and talented pupils display high levels of knowledge and skills as a result of the substantial challenge provided’, ‘pupils of all ages are highly articulate’, ‘excellent planning by teachers supports the development of high level skills, and pupils are constantly challenged to think for themselves, to reflect and analyse’, ‘pupils of all ages show excellent self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience’, ‘perseverance is a key quality of pupils in this school’, ‘there is a strong sense of mutual respect which pervades the life of the school’, ‘Teaching at St Catherine’s is more than the sum of its classroom parts.  Pupils have a wrap-around experience that leads them to learn exceptionally well’.

    The Chair of Governors, Mr Edward Sparrow, commented, ‘Results like that - and indeed the day-to-day experience of studying and working at the special place that is St Catherine's - is only achieved by the hard work and love of Sister Paula, her Senior Management Team, the teachers, support staff, the girls and their parents.’

    Sister Paula stated, ‘I am so proud of the girls, the staff and the governors here at St Catherine’s; they make an amazing team.  As the ISI inspectors were told by one student, “We are all in it together”, and we certainly are.  I am delighted that the school has received recognition for its academic and other achievements as well as for its pastoral care.  It is the passion that every member of the school community has for St Catherine’s that makes it the place it is and I consider myself the most privileged person to be a part of it.

      Year 3 sponsored walk to Peru

      On Friday 11th March,  the Year 3 girls dressed in red and white, the colours of the Peruvian flag, and did their sponsored walk around Radnor Gardens. We did not quite manage to “Walk to Peru” but did go seven times around the park!  We enjoyed watching the early morning mist lift from the riverand spotting the different breeds of birds along the riverbanks.

      The girls saw the sign measuring the high water mark from the floods of the last century.  We also noted where the river had flooded recently depositing silt along the path – just like the silt from the river Nile in Egypt!  The reward at the end of the walk was a welcome chunk of Peruvian chocolate. Please send in any sponsorship money ASAP preferably in cheque form.

      Thank you to all the parents and relatives for their support in our efforts to raise money for Amantani.

      Mrs Diana Garrett

      Prep World Book Day - 3rd March

      Wizards, fairies, princesses, detectives, dentists, foxes, cats, a bear and an elephant  - you could not find a St Catherine’s pupil in school for love nor  money! We had a brilliant celebration of our love of reading with such a variety of   characters and authors.  Lou Kuenzler was our special guest and she held us spellbound with her wonderful stories.

      Katie Morag Day

      The children put immense effort into their costumes for Katie Morag Day and were transformed into an array of Katie Morag’s, Grannie Islands, Mainlands, and even Bob the dog, Alecina the sheep and Mr Mistake the cat!  
      The day was filled with Scottish activities – baking shortbread as well as tasting haggis, Lorne Sausage and Tunnucks Snowballs (brought in by our Scottish visitors, Mr and Mrs Prain), and learning how to reel 
      the Gay Gordons with Mrs Stewart.  
      It was a fantastic day, greatly enjoyed by all.

      Richmond Borough Swimming Gala Heats Years 3-6

      On 9th of February the girls took part in the Richmond Borough Swimming gala which was a great success.  Big congratulations to the only Year 3 pupil, Eve Baker, who attended her first ever gala.  We had some tough competition racing against all boys’ schools but this did not stop the girls. The St Catherine’s squadron relay finished in the final in 6th place and there was more success in our relays with the girls 4x1 freestyle coming in at 5th place. With their heat being so fast, they too made the final. It did not stop there; the girls Medley relay made it through to the final coming 4th overall.  With an incredible butterfly race Disha Yadav made 1st reserve for the finals.

      Finally, big congratulations to Tia Branson in Year 4 swimming in the individual freestyle event, coming 3rd in her heat and making it through to the final.  Well done to all the girls, it was a great evening!  The Richmond borough finals will be held on the 2nd March, where we can hopefully continue the success.

      Cross Country ISA

      Years 3 to 6

      Well done to all the girls who took part in the ISA Cross Country Championship on the 5th of February.  Every single girl pushed herself, running in difficult conditions on a tough course. The challenging conditions required Lara Frampton to run most of the course without any shoes! She continued with great determination and a big smile. Big congratulations to Tia Branson coming 12th out of 78 girls in her age group, missing the nationals by only two places.

      The Baker sisters were neck and neck the whole race with Chloe Baker in year 4 coming in 20th and her younger sister Eve Baker coming in 24th.  The Under 12 girls had even more competition and with great determination, all pushed themselves to complete the course.

      A big well done to Raphaella Enderstein who was the first girl to cross the line from St Catherine’s, and out of 101 girls in her age category, she came 48th.  I have never been so impressed with the girls, the conditions on the day were tough with rain, wind, and thick mud but the girls did not stop smiling. You should all be very proud of what you achieved.  Bring on next year!

      Swimming Gala Kew College & Radnor House

      Well done to all the girls who took part in the swimming gala held at St Catherine’s on the 4th of February.  Taking on the challenge of racing against girls and boys, the girls swimming was outstanding.  They showed some of their best swimming yet and the gala had a great atmosphere.  St Catherine’s came in at 2nd place with 65 points (only 5 points behind Kew College), and Radnor followed in 3rd place with 36 points.

      Prep Cubs

      Two weeks ago at Cubs, we had a great time fire lighting.

      We learned how to build, start and keep a fire going.We also enjoyed roasted marshmallows around the fire and sang some traditional camping songs. We cannot wait for our next adventure.

      Joanne Owen, Ava Torof and Sumah Islam - Year 4

      Greek Day

      The girls in Year 3 had a great time during Greek Day which was a fun way to conclude their studies on Ancient Greece. Everybody dressed up in various outfits, even Mrs Garrett who looked quite authentic in her Christmas day tablecloth.  We had a taster buffet with olives, figs and dates and some children discovered they liked food they hadn’t tried before.

      Later on we went to Greek school and Elina from Year 6 came to instruct us on our Greek alphabet. We practised saying our letters out loud and had a traditional Greek story read to us. In the afternoon we practised copying Greek letters and wrote our own name plus a few messages in the Greek alphabet. A great day was had by all and now we are moving on to Ancient Egypt as our history topic.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mrs Garrett

      Years 5 and 6

      Well done to the Year 5 and 6 girls who took part in the ISA Netball championships. The girls haven’t been playing as a team for very long but they have worked very hard attending extra training sessions. They are the first prep girls from St Catherine’s to take part in the Netball ISA and they came away from the tournament knowing what to expect for next year and ready to train! Thank you for all your hard work girls!


      Flipping Pancakes - Year 6