Awarding body: Edexcel

Course content and examination requirements:

The study of Psychology at A level enables students to develop:

  • understanding of the scope of different areas in psychology and the breadth of different approaches used in psychology
  • knowledge and understanding from all of the areas of cognitive, social, developmental and biological psychology, and individual differences
  • knowledge and understanding of research in psychology including data collection, experimental design, and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data. The course includes a significant element of statistical analysis
  • analytical and evaluative skills

Entry requirements:

Psychology as a subject in its own right is studied at GCSE and A-Level. GCSE Psychology is not an entry requirement but candidates possessing the qualification will be at an advantage.  The subject demands a good command of English and the ability to analyse and to handle and interpret statistical information. Thus, B grades for English, Maths and Double or Triple Science are the minimum required.

Relevance to further studies and careers:

Studying Psychology enables students to pursue many options post A Level.  These include further study and careers in the fields of Education, Research, Consultancy, many areas of Psychology (Clinical, Educational etc).

Teaching staff / further information: Ms T Baker.


Paper 1

Foundations in Psychology

Social, Cognitive, Biological and Learning:

  • Two hour exam
  • Worth 90 marks
  • 35% of qualification

Paper 2

Applications of Psychology

Clinical and Criminological/Child/Health:

  • Two hour exam
  • Worth 90 marks
  • 35% of qualification

Paper 3

Psychological Skills

Methodology, Review of studies, and Issues and Debates*:

  • Two hour exam
  • Worth 80 marks
  • 30% of qualification

NB: Issues and debates is covered at A Level only

Teaching staff / further information: Ms T Baker