Salters’ Festival of Chemistry Event 2017

On Tuesday 25 April, four Year 8 pupils attended the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry Event 2017, held at Imperial College London. Sixteen schools participated in the Event, which ran for the whole day and consisted of two challenges. The morning challenge, set by the Salters’ Institute, was a forensic style investigation requiring the pupils to undertake various chemical tests in order to determine which of three suspects in a murder enquiry was guilty.

The afternoon challenge, set by the University, was a pure chemistry based investigation which required the pupils to vary the proportions of reagents in a chemical reaction in order to achieve a 10C reduction in the temperature of the reacting mixture after one minute.

The St Catherine’s girls enjoyed the opportunity to work in a university laboratory and did the school proud by taking first prize for the University Challenge and winning two sets of molymods for the Chemistry department.