September Activities

The Sixth Form girls have had a very busy start to the term! Our aspiring lawyers are currently preparing for their LNAT.  To help them with this, we arranged a Saturday coaching session with Anthony Kennedy.  Anthony is a qualified barrister who currently lectures in Roman Law at the University of Oxford. 

Anthony was able to share his advice and expertise, in order to ensure that our girls shine in the examination.  After the session, he has also been giving the girls feedback on the practice essays they have written.  We wish the girls the best of luck!

Continuing with the legal theme, our Law Society has launched.  This society was founded by, and will be run by, our Sixth Form girls.  In addition to this, the girls have set up a Medical Society and an Economics Society.  These societies will enable the girls to share their expertise with the younger years and to develop their leadership skills.  These societies enable girls of different ages to discuss current issues and to develop their own opinions.

The Sixth Form girls have been working very hard during the Open Events this term, and we are very proud of their professionalism and commitment to the school. Well done, girls!

Miss Bellerby - Head of Sixth Form