Sixth Form Enrichment at St Catherine’s – termly round-up

All of our sixth formers benefit from a weekly enrichment programme.  The aims of this programme are to prepare the girls for their future by broadening their horizons and giving them the skills they need to succeed.

In the Autumn term, all of the Year 12 students took part in a block of sessions designed to impart the skills required for university study, led by Miss Collett.  These lessons also helped to prepare the girls who have chosen to undertake the Extended Project Qualification.  In these lessons, they learned how to conduct effective research, to make notes and to use the Harvard Referencing System.  While this was going on, the Year 13 girls were receiving help with their UCAS applications, as well as learning about options such as Extra, Adjustment and Clearing.

The Rotary Club came to St Catherine’s to run a fun interview workshop, where the students observed a good university interview and a poor one.  Each Year 13 girl was then given an interview with a member of the Rotary Club with detailed feedback – invaluable experience when preparing for interviews for either university or an internship.  

At St Catherine’s, we feel that it is important that the girls have an appreciation of the lives of others, and that they can feel inspired to help.  To this end, a range of charity speakers have visited; from the Hope Foundation who work in the slums of India, to the Jubilee Sailing Trust who organise voyages for disabled and the able-bodied of all ages to learn how to sail together.  After a visit from Spear, a local homeless charity, some of our girls have decided to organise a collection for food and other items to help those in need.

To round off the term, we welcomed Mrs Ruffle, our Librarian, to talk to the Sixth Form.  Mrs Ruffle is a passionate entomologist, and she delivered a fascinating lecture on the subject of her travels around the world to observe rare insects.  Many of the girls commented that they had not expected to enjoy a talk on this topic as much as they did!

There is more to come this term.  Forthcoming sessions include a back-to-basics talk about the Arab-Israeli crisis with a Jewish speaker and a Muslim speaker to give both perspectives.  Mrs Pallan, our Law teacher, will be teaching the girls about how the law affects them.  I will be leading a session on the subject of the UK economy, and the Year 13 girls will be learning about student finance.  The Year 12 girls will each have a one-to-one interview with a Futurewise careers advisor.

Miss Bellerby