Sociology News

On 21st November, Ms Baker and Sociology students took up the opportunity to attend A Level student conferences. These allowed students to hear from university lecturers and other experts in areas of Sociology beyond the A-Level specification. Topics included “Why do women still earn less than men? A sociological answer” by Professor Pamela Cox, who discussed how sociologists have  approached the collection of data on the earning potential of male and female graduates and reasons women are still under-represented in public life around the world.

Students also attended a Q&A  session with Baroness Doreen Lawrence, who discussed changes relating to the issues of identity and problems of racism in UK   society. Dr Danny Dorling from the University of Oxford gave a lecture on the effects of growing up in countries where the incomes of children’s parents varies widely. All of these lectures and discussions touched on areas covered in the AS course, such as  research methodology, measuring inequality, and challenges facing policy makers. Additionally, it is good for students to hear about other specialisms and stretch and challenge them to think beyond the course material.