Spear - Homeless Charity & Middle East Speakers

The Sixth Form have welcomed some very interesting speakers this term, as part of the General Studies programme.  Bruce Warman from Spear, a local homeless charity, came to talk to the girls about the challenges facing homeless people.  Spear run shelters for the homeless, providing them with a safe place to stay and also providing the help and training needed for people to get back on their feet again.

The Sixth Form have decided to collect essential items for donation to Spear.  Items needed include tinned and dried food, personal hygiene products and new underwear.  If you would like to support this worthy cause, girls can bring donations to the Common Room next week.  Janvhi Acharya in Year 12 will be organising these.

This week, we listened to a fascinating talk from Meedu. Meedu is a charity that aims to promote peace in the Middle East.  Two speakers, a Muslim and a Jew, came to express their views on the Arab-Israeli conflict.  It was very interesting to hear how both speakers saw events in a totally different way but, like most people in the region, they have a very strong desire for peace.

Miss Bellerby—Head of Sixth Form