Stunning Inspection Reports for St Catherine’s School

St Catherine’s School has recently received two inspections, the first by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster and the second by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Both reports give St Catherine’s the highest grade possible in all categories - "outstanding" from the Diocese and "excellent" from the ISI. Both speak glowingly about the ethos and performance of the School.

Each report is a resounding endorsement of the superb quality of education that St Catherine’s School provides.  In particular, they highlight that ‘pupils make excellent progress’, ‘the more able and talented pupils display high levels of knowledge and skills as a result of the substantial challenge provided’, ‘pupils of all ages are highly articulate’, ‘excellent planning by teachers supports the development of high level skills, and pupils are constantly challenged to think for themselves, to reflect and analyse’, ‘pupils of all ages show excellent self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience’, ‘perseverance is a key quality of pupils in this school’, ‘there is a strong sense of mutual respect which pervades the life of the school’, ‘Teaching at St Catherine’s is more than the sum of its classroom parts.  Pupils have a wrap-around experience that leads them to learn exceptionally well’.

The Chair of Governors, Mr Edward Sparrow, commented, ‘Results like that - and indeed the day-to-day experience of studying and working at the special place that is St Catherine's - is only achieved by the hard work and love of Sister Paula, her Senior Management Team, the teachers, support staff, the girls and their parents.’

Sister Paula stated, ‘I am so proud of the girls, the staff and the governors here at St Catherine’s; they make an amazing team.  As the ISI inspectors were told by one student, “We are all in it together”, and we certainly are.  I am delighted that the school has received recognition for its academic and other achievements as well as for its pastoral care.  It is the passion that every member of the school community has for St Catherine’s that makes it the place it is and I consider myself the most privileged person to be a part of it.’