The Lion King

On Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd March, pupils performed the school production of The Lion King. Original auditions for the show were held back in October, and the cast have worked extremely hard getting into role as various animals, including elephants, giraffes, gazelles, birds, hyenas, baboons, and, of course, lions! They have attended rehearsals at lunchtime and after school, and as the performance got closer, on Sundays. They were also given the opportunity to hand make personalised masks, which were absolutely beautiful.

The performances were full of energy and joy, and were a testament to how hard the cast have worked. It was wonderful to have such a large audience – five hundred people came to enjoy the show and the atmosphere was buzzing. Thanks to a very slick and efficient backstage crew, the production went off very smoothly. From the opening notes of ‘The Circle of Life’, the audience were hooked, clapping and singing along, and spontaneously cheering when Simba ran off to get his kingdom back!

The orchestra played beautifully, and Mr Jacob’s arrangement of African drumming to begin the second half kept the mood high. Huge thanks must go to everybody who helped make masks, paint faces and do hair, and gave up time to help. I think we can safely say that this production was a roaring success!

Miss Collett