Year 3 - Kew Gardens

Our class went to Kew Gardens on a school trip to see the rainforest plants. We all
travelled on the school mini bus and were split into 2 groups when we arrived, called the
Toucans and the Humming Birds. I was in the group called the Toucans. We went to a
greenhouse were we saw giant water lilies, patterned flowers and smaller plants which snapped shut when you touched them. It was incredible. Suddenly, it was time to start our workshop. We went to a different greenhouse which was very large and beautiful. We were shown around and saw a tiny pineapple, bamboo plants and coco beans.

After a while, we began to feel very hot in thegreenhouse. As soon as the workshop was over, we went outside for a drink and to cool down. There were lots of paths outside and
everyone was trying to find the correct way out. It was like a rainforest maze. Finally we met up with the other group and had some lunch. We then travelled back to school in the mini bus and went home to rest after our exciting journey and school trip ended.

Written by Beatrice Vazquez Musaeus