Subject : Food Technology

Awarding body: AQA AS/A2

Course content and examination requirements:

If you are interested in studying for a career within Food Technology, such as new product development, food management, marketing or manufacturing, or similarly, if you have a real passion for cooking and may be interested in future careers in catering, nutrition & dietetics, food consulting (advisory) or even teaching, then this course is for you! Minimum requirement is a Grade B at GCSE in any Design and Technology subject. It would be beneficial for GCSE Food to have been studied. A variety of teaching and learning is incorporated including independent primary and secondary research, presentations, discussions, theory, practical & experimental lessons, visiting speakers, educational visits, completion of coursework and external examinations.

. Module Title Nature of Assessment Notes
Year 12 AS Unit 1
Materials, Components & Application
Written examination 50% of AS, 25% of A Level
. Unit 2
Learning Through Designing & Making
Portfolio 50% of AS, 25% of A Level
Year 13
Unit 3
Design and Manufacture
Written examination 25% of A Level
. Unit 4
Design and Making Practice
Portfolio 25% of A Level

Relevance to further studies and careers:

This course offers a broad education as a foundation for the courses and careers outlined. Students are encouraged to become independent in research, skilful and creative in practical and experimental work, able to present findings and develop confidence and those skills that are invaluable in both higher education and employment.

Teaching staff / further information:

Mrs J Saddler
Mrs S Parfitt

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