Our Year 7 pupils visited Legoland in Windsor. They were there to take part in a computing workshop during the day, where they used the LEGO WeDo Construction Sets to build and program their own robots.

At Legoland we went to an IT workshop where an instructor taught us how to make and program a real robot called Rex. We made these robots out of Lego bricks and then we created a computer program to instruct our robots to do various actions such as move forwards, stop and then to move backwards. Secondly, we programmed them to flash different coloured lights whilst making strange noises.

Apart from learning how to program a robot, I also learnt why we send robots into space instead of humans. We do this as humans are more valuable than robots as they are actually living. Also robots do not need any of the substances that humans need to survive. All they need is the information and instructions we program them to do. Consequently, they are a more practical device to explore unknown planets.

Lia Tyan 7S