On 2nd October the U16 team had their first match of the season. Due to GCSE commitments they have struggled to play and train together as a team. They started well, winning 3-1 in the first quarter, and kept up their lead into half time with a 5-3 lead. Then The Hall came back strongly and our girls did not score at all in the third quarter with the score being 8-5 to The Hall. St Catherine’s then came back scoring but not enough, eventually losing by 2 goals on the final whistle.

Our U15 netball team remains a strong one, largely due to the dedication of all members to regular training, their flexibility in positional play and their ability to work out and improve tactics. Congratulations to all on their recent win against The Hall.

The Year 7 team played their first ever game against Hampton Court House School on 5th October and managed to win. They played brilliantly, all listening to what they learnt in training regarding clearing space and offering once. This team has great potential and with the support of Year 9 coaches will go far.

Many thanks to all of those students supporting and coaching youngsters in sport at St Catherine’s.