The 5 girls embarking on their assessment expedition met bright and early on
Saturday morning at Hampton School meeting up with their 2 Hampton participants who completed the group. We set off in the people carrier for our 6 hours journey to Penrith to meet the assessor. A very muddy campsite was out first night with fairly robust wind but the group was ready to set off in good spirits the following morning. The practice group meanwhile met up at Euston station on Sunday morning for their train journey to start day one of their expedition to Pooley Bridge where both groups would meet up at the campsite.

With Day 2 (Monday) approaching and a very unpredictable weather forecast, all participants set off bright and early to reach the campsite as early in the afternoon as possible. Tents erected and wind gathering, everyone was zipped into their tents waiting to see what the weather was going to throw at us! By 11pm in 80mph winds and driving rain the decision was made to decamp into the bunk- house. Students safe in the bunkhouse, staff set about taking down tents. Wet and bedraggled, half an hour later, we emptied out boots and wrung out clothing and went back to bed ready for Day 3.

After a good rest and a large pan of porridge consumed, the groups set out to another blustery day. Very well deserved hot chocolate at the top of the Kirkstone Pass to set them on their way down into Ambleside and the next campsite.

Waking on Day 4 to wonderful sunshine, all were ready for an amble into Windermere and the end of the expedition. To say that I am proud of the girls is an understatement. I look forward to the Assessment group completing their award this year and the practice group achieving their assessment expedition in Snowdon during the Easter break.

Many thanks to Mr. Rock, Mr. Cox and Miss Neale for all their help along with the staff at Hampton School.

Mrs Saddler—Expedition Leader