Wednesday 29th November was a day of very interesting speeches.

As part of their General Studies programme, the girls in Year 12 heard a talk from our guest speakers from Meedu. Meedu is a charity which seeks to promote peace in the Middle East by giving talks explaining both sides of the story in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This conflict is spoken about a lot on the news, but the issues can be very difficult to understand. At St Catherine’s, we believe that an issue being complex is all the more reason to seek to understand it! Thanks to the engaging speakers from Meedu, our Sixth Formers will now be able to converse knowledgeably on this topic.

In the evening, we welcomed Mrs Sharma to the Siena Society. Mrs Sharma is a lawyer at Taylor-Wesson, a prestigious City law firm, as well as being a parent of one of our girls. Forty two girls attended this talk, and were lucky enough to get the inside track on careers in law. Mrs Sharma also very kindly offered work shadowing and work experience, and two of our Sixth Formers signed up on the spot!

It is through hearing inspirational speakers such as these that we can develop new perspectives, whether relating to our lives, our opinions or our future careers.

Miss Bellerby