On 1 December, 18 Year 12 students went to an introduction to Private Equity and Venture Capital day at the Advent offices in Victoria. It was an amazing day and it allowed us all to learn more about these two career
paths and what they entail.

There were talks from three women about Private Equity and Venture
Capital, all who are at the top of their fields. We also heard from the Head of HR at Advent who gave us an idea of what sort of things employers in Private Equity look for. In the afternoon we were all split into groups with
the other schools and took part in a case study and an investment committee preparation.

This allowed us to work with people in Private Equity to choose a company to invest in and present to a committee on why they should back our decision. It was a great experience and it opened our eyes to a job, many of us had not considered as an option.

Eve Kellaway