It was a wet, cold and very early morning in London when the group set off but we were greeted with sunny skies and a warm breeze when we arrived at Naples. We firstly took a panoramic coach tour looking down on the city from
above, then we walked around the centre which gave a chance for the girls to buy some of the famed pizza.
In the afternoon we went underground to visit the catacombs which featured the old water supply system and some very tight squeezes. Saturday morning started with a visit to Pompeii and the remarkable preservation of the buildings including baths, shops and houses. The group then walked up Vesuvius and although buffeted by the wind we got further excellent views and looked into the steaming crater.

Lastly, on Sunday we took a boat to the island of Capri, with again beautiful weather and views although, unfortunately for the girls, all the high-end fashion shops were closed for the season! Our last stop was Sorrento with more chances to buy pasta and ice cream!. It was a great trip and I would like to thank the girls for their impeccable behaviour and positivity and Miss Pietrzyk and Mr Cox for their help.

Mr Rock