It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Sixth Form! They have just finished their mock exams, for which they worked very hard.

In General Studies, the girls have finished the VESPA programme. This is an innovative and exciting programme helping students to develop the skills required for A Level success – Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice, Attitude. The girls have enjoyed sharing their study techniques, as well as considering some new ideas. VESPA is based on “The A level Mindset” book by Oakes and Griffin – I definitely recommend it!

The Year 13 girls are excited to be starting their Student Cookery programme, where they will be learning how to cook simple and budget-friendly meals. Meanwhile, Year 12 kicked off the UCAS thought process by listening to a talk by Northumbria University on choosing a university. In the weeks to come, we will be starting the process of preparing personal statements – the earlier the girls start thinking about these, the better!

We have exciting plans ahead – Year 12 will be visiting the UCAS exhibition on 18th April and, purely for fun, both year groups will be going to see The Lion King in the West End very soon.

The Year 13 girls have been receiving some very exciting offers! Anusha Patel has received an offer to study Economics at the London School of Economics. What an achievement, and a true testament to Anusha’s fantastic intellect and work ethic.

Elise Acher is taking a gap year next academic year. She has secured a prestigious paid internship in a Physics laboratory. This will give her very valuable work experience to aid her application to a top university the following year, as well as to kickstart her future career.

Ella Simeon has an unconditional offer to study Interior Design at KLC. Gaining an unconditional offer really shows how keen KLC were to welcome the highly talented Ella. The vast majority of our girls have received offers from all five of their choices. Universities making offers to our students include Bristol, Warwick, Kings, Bath, Exeter, Nottinghamand York. Reflecting the fact that there is no “typical” St Catherine’s girl, courses include Biomedicine, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Languages, History, Mental Health Nursing and Quantity Surveying. Five girls received unconditional offers.

A bright future awaits every single one of our Year 13 students!

Miss Bellerby
Head of Sixth Form