On Thursday 15th of March, Year 7 went to London Zoo for our Science trip. In our Biology lessons we are learning how vertebrates and invertebrates are classified and we have to do a project about 6 of the animal groups we saw at the zoo. So we collected evidence on our favourite animals. Then our task is to make a booklet to explain the main features of each organism.

As Miss Cousins had put so much effort into organising the trip, we got to see many different animals. We explored the fish in the aquarium and the reptiles and amphibians in the reptile house. We heard talks about penguins and also an interesting but creepy lecture about bugs.

There were big mammals like tigers, lions, camels, gorillas, monkeys, apes. Finally, my favourite was the warm, tropical butterfly house. Butterflies landed on Atifa and me, which was amazing.

On the whole, I speak on the behalf of the Year 7 community to thank all of the Science teachers for the incredible trip.
Beth Morris, 7C