Year 9 and 10 have both been out on day retreats to Aylesford Priory, Kent in recent weeks. The Year 9 retreat on 13th March took the theme ‘You are God’s work of Art’ and focused on celebrating their own qualities and gifts and developing a greater appreciation of the gifts within others.

Year 10 had their retreat the following week on March 20th with the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’. Pupils reflected on the idea of journeys. On both days, pupils were invited to participate in Cafod’s campaign to ‘Walk a Mile’ in support of refugees, part of an initiative from Pope Francis to consider the rights of migrants and refugees.

Pupils in both year groups thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated having the time to step out of the daily routine and deepen friendships with others as well as consider issues in the wider world.

M Ryan

‘I really enjoyed the retreat. It helped me deepen my friendship…it helped me realise I am fortunate…’ – Rhiannon Grimes 9M

‘I enjoyed the retreat a lot; it was a great opportunity to pause our normal lives and, with kind and understanding leaders, reflect on ourselves and others. We learnt important things in different effective ways which were very interesting…’
Zoe Leforestier 9M