DofE – Photos

Fifty very excited participants, our largest number ever, met up at 8am at The Sheeplees Car Park with a little trepidation. The girls all set off in their groups between 8.30am and 9.00am expecting to reach their Campsite in Shere in the Surrey Hills early in the afternoon. The route can be called mildly undulating with woods dotted here and there and challenging in parts! After a few mild detours en route all girls arrived safe and sound for an evening of camp skills and a very big sleep ready for the Sunday walk toRanmore Common.

Of course the clocks sprung forward an hour so by 9.00pm the camp was extremely quiet with some very tired travellers. After waking at 6.00am (some body clocks still at 5.00am ) the girls set to making breakfast and decamping, ready and raring for the walk to Ranmore Common and the finish. I have to congratulate all girls on their efforts throughout the weekend and determination in completing their Expedition Section of the Award.

Huge thanks to all staff who gave up their weekend to enable this to happen. We are now looking forward to the Silver Award Expedition in May.

Janet Saddler—Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator