The girls in Year 6 braved the wet weather last week, yet still had a thoroughly good time during their Cycling Proficiency Training. Valuable road safety skills were learnt by all as you will see from some of their comments below:

The cycling sessions taught me how to be careful and look behind me when turning corners or doing a u turn.


I learnt a lot of new skills such as signalling, turning and being able to cross the road safely on a bike.


I enjoyed being independent and cycling on the road. I learnt howto cycle with one hand in order to signal when turning left or right.


I enjoyed riding on the road and practising cycling in a real life scenario.I learnt how to look and signal when turning at a give way sign or junction.


I really enjoyed the training; my favourite part was when we cycled on theroad in one long snake.


We all had an amazing time learning to cycle and were delighted withour certificates and badges.


I learnt how to safely turn left and right and to be visible at all times.I learnt about lane positions and being a ‘magic metre’ away from parked cars. To top itall, we did all of our learning with our friends and safety officers.


I thought the cycling was fun and helpful. I learnt that no one,including cars, motor cycles and cyclists ,have more right than anyone else on the road.-