On Thursday 25th April 2018, all of Year 7 visited the Weald and Downland Living Museum. We saw lots of interesting historical things, such as an Anglo-Saxon house which was built in around 950. We also saw a Tudor farm which was a representation of a farm from the year 1540. We learnt all about how the Tudors used to live and how they coped and the substances that they used to build their houses. For example, the rich could afford bricks, but the poor had houses made from wattle and daub.

We visited the museum to collect five dates for our summer exam. After we had completed the workshops, which consisted of visiting a Tudor kitchen and witnessing a demonstration of how they made beer. This was interesting. Following this, we visited the gift shops before our coach journey home. We all had a great day and would like to thank Miss Wallace, Mrs Bath, Mrs Gava and Miss Collett for taking us.

Ashley Moran 7S