Year 3 had a great time at Kew Gardens last week. The girls enjoyed a very informative guided tour around the Palm House where they learnt about the medicinal qualities of some of the plants and how the structure of the leaves enables them to funnel off water from their drip tips. The girls also saw banana, papaya and coco beans growing in the Palm House.

After a picnic lunch, we explored The Hive, a new sculpture designed to represent a bee hive. We were able to listen to the different sounds the bees make to communicate via small wooden sticks, held in the mouth, which transfer the vibrating sounds straight into your skull bones. Next we went to the Treetop Walkway and had a lovely bird’s eye view of tree canopy and the gardens beyond. A quick trip to the restored Chinese Pagoda on the way back to Victoria gate and our day was complete. We then hopped on the mini buses back to school.