On the 20th of June the St Catherine’s Water Rocket Challenge team known as “The Cosmic Cats” went to NPL sports ground to compete in their annual competition. The team includes our Captain Molly, vice captain Niamh, Beth , Amareeta, Amy and Philippa.

The competition started at 1:30pm. There were three rounds plus an eggstra round where we had to put padding around the egg to stop it from cracking when the rocket landed.

You get points for which section your rocket lands in (A, B and C) and how long it stays in the air for. We managed to get over into section B for the first time.

There were many other activities besides the actual competition, such as code breaking, learning all about SI units, e.g kg, secs, moles etc, learning about the principles of Flight from an RAF representative and, the best of all, making different things out of newspaper.

The competition ended at 4:35pm, then we had the awards ceremony. We won an award for our beautiful, unique to each member, tie-dye t-shirts.
Overall we came 11th out of about 26 teams, our best to date and we are proud of our achievement and really enjoyed the experience.