On Wednesday morning, Year 7 departed on a short journey to Shakespeare’s theatre – The Globe! Although it was the third one built (the first was burnt, the second destroyed by Puritans) it was really authentic. When we arrived, we got to go into the theatre, whilst our guide (we had an amazing guided tour) told us some interesting facts about the theatre. Did you know that there was a trap door in the roof and a mirroring one in the floor so actors would come from ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’ onto the stage?

We got to see the trap doors, and then we went into the special exhibition filled with information and very detailed mini-models of the theatre: there was even a huge one showing the surrounding area of the theatre. There were other objects such as costumes and scripts. But my favourite thing was the wind-maker. You turn the wheel and it makes a sound like wind – this is how Shakespeare created the sound in his plays! It was a fun-packed, interesting trip and I think we all learned a lot.

Amber T, 7M