Poem by Jasmine and Grace

We jumped in the kayaks and went on the lake,
Two people fell in, what a mistake!
Next we went raft building, what a delight
We paddled on our rafts until near out of sight.
Our feet got cold and wet,
But the finishing line was where our eyes were set.
Team A won! What a surprise!
Even though out group was smaller in size.
We then went dragon-boating (more races!)
Our mentor said we might fall off,
You should have seen our faces!
The teachers watched to make sure there was no cheating
But we were all so focussed, so we kept on competing.
We made it back to shore, pretty dry this time
We got changed, drove to school and wrote this rhyme!
We know everyone really enjoyed the day,
So we’d like to say “Woohoo, hooray, to the Lensbury team
for making our Teambuilding day really awesome in every way!