It is a very busy time of year in the Sixth Form, as the girls prepare their UCAS applications. Many of the girls who are applying for the most competitive courses will be required to attend an interview at their chosen university. This can be seen as either a nerve-wracking experience, or a chance to shine! In order to give the girls the confidence to see an interview as an opportunity, we are again working with the Rotary Club to provide interview experience.

This week, the Rotarians visited school to interview two of our girls in front of the whole Sixth Form with one girl playing the part of a strong interviewee and one playing the part of a weaker candidate. We then discussed how the girls came across and how performance could be improved. We will be soon be welcoming the Rotarians back, and they will be giving 1:1 interview practice to all of the girls, with personalised feedback. Many thanks to the Rotary Club!