On 7 March, we had a training day on the Surrey Hills for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica in July. We all got there bright and early, ready to start our day. We trekked for 7 and a half hours through the fields and hills. We learnt many valuable and lifelong lessons in preparation for Costa Rica. Topics included first aid, hygiene, navigation, the environment, wildlife, rivercrossing, and culture in Costa Rica. We also learnt how to lead a team and nurture one and another.

Our teamwork grew stronger and stronger throughout the day, for example, the last, very steep, path we took seemed almost impossible to overcome, but we motivated each other and succeeded! We had to show our skills of co-operation, when we were carrying Mr Cox on a stretcher. This was probably the highlight of the day! With our trip coming up in 3 months and 26 days, we are prepared, excited and ready to have fun on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

A big thank you to Mr Cox and Mrs Parfitt for being absolutely brilliant!

by Diya M and Aiarndeep K