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Cyber Security Development Day

Posted: 14th November 2021

Cyber security is a part of our daily lives – helping to keep music streaming, protecting online gaming, securing online banking and even helping to keep the power running in our homes. We all need a basic knowledge of how to protect ourselves and others from online security threats. On 11 and 12 October, we took part in the Cyber Security Development Day arranged by the National Cyber Security Centre.

This challenge included learning lots of different skills that are regularly used within the computing industry, including digital forensics, cryptography, penetration testing and open source intelligence. The staff were very helpful and friendly, and we were also given an inspirational talk on the industry.

Our favourite part of the course was penetration testing in which we deliberately hacked a fake website in order to test its vulnerability. We learnt a lot about coding, as well as how to protect ourselves from online threats. We also thoroughly enjoyed becoming digital forensic professionals for the day, detecting misconduct and tracing malicious activity while channelling our inner investigators to find evidence on computers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

We owe a special thank you to Mr Melling, Mr Griffin and Mr Oliveira for organising the course and helping us throughout. We cannot wait for our next experience!

Siyana and Ellyse 9M

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