At St Catherine’s we believe that providing a wide range of opportunities in sports for students of all abilities is important for health, fitness and well-being, as well as creating the sense of achievement and value that active participation and successful competition bring.

Our laden trophy cabinet is evidence that students and teams regularly achieve notable success in sport across a broad range of activities and national events: hockey, netball, swimming, rowing, athletics, biathlon, equestrian and cross-country. We are proud to be ISA Regional Champions in several sporting events.

Spring Term Extra-curricular Timetable


Before School

7.30 – 8.20

Netball for all (except for icy or rainy conditions)

Early Bird Swimming

7.30 – 8.00

Prep Fitness Club        Years 3-6

7.30 -8.00

Early Bird Swimming

7.30 – 8.00


Prep Swimming Club

Year 3-6

7.15 – 8.00

Year 10 GCSE

Trampoline Squad Training



Prep – 12.2o -1.05


1.05 – 1.35

Prep Cross Country

Years 3-6

XC Cross Country Club

All Welcome

Prep Swimming Squad

Years 3-6

Years 7-11

Netball/Hockey Practice


Senior Netball/Hockey Practice

Senior Badminton Club

Prep Football Years 3-6

After School


Tennis England Prep Swimming Squad – Years 3-6

Senior Swimming Squad

Netball Club   Years 3 – 6

Prep Football Years 3-6

Chelsea Coaches

Trampolining Club – Y7 & Y8

Junior Hip Hop

Small Hall

5-6pm Tennis England

Senior Hockey at Surbiton Hockey  Club