The Year 7-9 Curriculum includes a balance between Human and Physical Geography allowing students to see how natural processes and features can effect human activities. There is wide range of teaching techniques used from group work to more individually focused tasks such as project work.

GCSE Geography is a very popular option subject at St Catherine’s with and uptake of around 60% of Year 9 students and we run two classes each year. Grades have been consistently excellent with around 50% achieving an A*-A (2014,2015 and 2016).

Year 11 students enjoy a weekend of Geographical learning in Swanage, Dorset and A-Level students carry out an enquiry into the effect of tourism on fragile habitats in Rye on the South Coast and of Urban Environments in Stratford, East London.

We have also been to Naples and Iceland in the last couple of years and the department is active in running the schools Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme up to Gold Level.