The Science Department at St Catherine’s is located in a dedicated block with excellent facilities and resources. The Department is staffed by specialist teachers and technician support.

The Department aims to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in science and its methods of enquiry
and develop skills and abilities that are relevant to the study, practice and application of Science, which are useful in everyday life and which encourage safe practice. Pupils develop an understanding of the technological and environmental applications of Science and of the economic, ethical, social, moral implications

Key Stage 3

Separate sciences are taught throughout the Key Stage, with the girls being set according to ability after the first half term. The course is an accelerated program that allows students to commence the GCSE syllabus in January of Year 9. Assessment for teaching and learning is an integral part of all lessons.

Key Stage 4

All students follow AQA Trilogy a double award. By invitation girls are able to take an additional option in Science which allows them to gain 3 GCSEs in the separate Sciences.


Mrs V Stevens – Head of Science

Mr D Mitchell

Miss Georgie Graham

Mr T Blake

Miss Thalia Lanis

Dr E Arnold