At St Catherine’s we are very proud of the way our Prep girls approach their lessons with such curiosity and enthusiasm. They are pupils who like to learn and who engage whole-heartedly, asking questions and working collaboratively and creatively on a wide variety of topics. At the same time, these girls embody the values of the School in their conduct and care of others, and in their involvement in Sport, Drama, Music, or other extra-curricular activities, both within the School and in the community.

With the girls’ high standards and personal skills and qualities in mind, I am pleased to announce a new all-rounder scholarship opportunity for deserving pupils in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6). This new scholarship mirrors the Siena Scholarships available in the Senior School, and acknowledges the School’s namesake, St Catherine of Siena, whose passion for learning, personal resilience, and great faith, continues to inspire young people who also seek to achieve highly, to become leaders, and to serve with compassion.

Pupils currently in Year 2 may apply for this scholarship and we will be pleased to accept applications from current pupils and from new pupils seeking to enter St Catherine’s Year 3 in September 2020. Applicants will be asked to submit recent school reports and any other relevant details about academic and/or extra-curricular performance; in addition, a Head’s reference will be requested. External applicants will also invited to visit the School to complete our usual entry tests, have a tour and meet the Head of Prep, Mrs Marsh.

Those awarded the scholarship will receive a 25% reduction of tuition fees for each year, from Year 3 to Year 6. In the awarding of the Siena Scholarship, the Headmistress’s decision is final. Terms and Conditions will apply regarding the high academic standards, behaviour and commitment that individual recipients must maintain in order to receive the scholarship for all four years.

The deadline for applications for this scholarship is Monday February 24 2020, and the  Scholarship will be awarded by the end of the Spring Term, to begin in the Autumn term, 2020.

Applications should be sent to Please see below for the application form.