At St Catherine’s, academic standards are high. In 2017, a fantastic 38% of A level results were graded at A*-A. This is well above the national average of 25.8%. Our value added figures are also exceedingly strong, demonstrating that our dedicated staff really do get the best out of every girl.

With our small classes and outstanding teaching staff, excellent preparation for A level is a given. As a small school, we can offer individual attention. We know the needs and abilities of each student in our care, and we are able to offer support or extension as appropriate. Teachers frequently offer revision sessions outside the timetabled school day, and have an open-door policy.

Despite being a small school, we offer a full range of A level courses, encompassing the traditional subjects such as English, Maths and Science subjects, but also including Economics, Law, Government and Politics and Psychology. We do our utmost to accommodate student choices within our timetable, ensuring that every girl can study the subjects which meet her own aspirations.

Each girl normally studies four A level subjects during Year 12, and continues to study at least three of these subjects as she moves into Year 13. Following this model allows the girls to receive a broad education, and ensures that they make an informed choice when choosing their final three subjects. In some subjects, girls will sit an AS examination at the end of Year 12. This means that both they and their parents are able to receive accurate feedback on progress, helping to inform their final subject choices.

In addition to A Levels, we also offer all girls the chance to study for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Much valued by universities, the EPQ is worth 50% of an A level, and universities often make lower offers to students with an EPQ. The qualification provides an excellent opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their independent research skills, and to delve deeply into their passion.

All girls wishing to study in the Sixth Form at St Catherine’s are expected to have achieved a minimum of 6 GCSE subjects at grades 6 – 9 and they should have gained grades 7 – 9 in the subject they wish to continue studying at A level.  Students also need to achieve at least a GCSE grade 4 in English and Mathematics if they do not intend to pursue these subjects to A level.

Subjects which may not have been studied at GCSE level, for example Psychology, will have specific criteria that can be found in the individual subject specifications.