This course will appeal to students who have an eye for design, an interest in graphics, packaging, advertising and illustration. They will usually have taken either Art and Design or Photography at GCSE and explored the initial potential of Photoshop. They will be students who are imaginative and creative with an interest in wanting to create a visual statement. They are often students who wish to create a visual impact and want to work with creative problem solving.


The GCE in Graphics is designed to encourage an adventurous and enquiring approach to the subject. The new specification enables the students to choose either an AS as a one year course or an A Level over two years. The students will develop their work throughout the course from a starting point of their choice that they take on a personal journey alongside research and contextual investigation.


Students can apply for an Art Foundation year or apply to the Universities direct. There are many Art and Design degree options available including Graphics Degrees.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”
Edward de Bono


Curriculum Details