This course will appeal to students with an interest in computer programming, critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills.
Computers are an integral part of the modern workplace and there is a high demand for technical skills across many employment sectors. This course will stimulate interest and engagement with technology and technology related careers.


Students will learn about computer architecture, networking, data representation, data structures, software applications, algorithms and the impact of computers on society. Students will develop the necessary practical skills to enable them to complete a programming project, such as a revision app or a game.


As well as appealing to anyone wishing to go on to study Computer Science at university, the course provides a foundation for various computer-related university degrees such as Software Engineering, Web Design, Computer
Graphics and Business. A qualification in Computer Science provides a range of career opportunities, most notably in the fields of computer software development, network management, cyber-security, engineering, web design, banking and education.

“From phones to cars to medicine, technology
touches every part of our lives. If you can create
technology, you can change the world”
Susan Wojcicki YouTube CEO

Curriculum Details