This course will appeal to students who enjoy literature in its many forms, relish a discussion, have a keen intellectual curiosity and know that clear communication is vital in today’s world. Do you like to lose yourself in a book, but know that you can find yourself there too? English Literature is an important and engaging subject, introducing you to a world of new ideas and new ways of thinking.


The Edexcel course offers a range of enjoyable and stimulating texts. In Year 12 you will study two prose texts, a modern drama and one selection of modern poetry. In Year 13 we add one Shakespeare play and a further collection of poetry. You will also complete a coursework essay in which you compare an aspect of two texts; this is where you can follow your own interests.


English Literature is widely recognised as a valuable and versatile ‘facilitating’ subject at A level because of the transferable skills it develops. It can enhance an application to medical school, to law and business degrees, to other Humanities subjects and languages, as well as to English, journalism, and many other degrees, courses and jobs.

“A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it”

Samuel Johnson

Curriculum Details