This course that will appeal to students who are making good progress in singing, or on their instrument, up to and beyond Grade 6. They will have a fascination for all kinds of music from J.S. Bach to Kate Bush and will be keen to develop their composition skills.


The three basic requirements are to record an 8-12 minute recital, to compose two pieces of music of your own and to analyse 18 specially chosen set works, as well as become familiar with a range of related wider listening. The set works are examined in an end of course paper that requires comparative and analytical essay writing, listening questions and some musical dictation.


Music is an enriching study at university and can lead to a performing career, conducting, film composition, musical theatre, publishing and concert or artist management.

Even if you do not pursue music after A level, it has always been highly respected by university admission officers and employers as it is understood that the skills required to succeed are formidable. It is also a valued talent to bring to any college and, indeed, to take with you through life.

“Ohne Musik ware das Leben ein Irrtum Without Music, life would be a mistake”