Awarding body: Edexcel

Course content and examination requirements:

Psychology is the scientific study of human mental processes and behaviour. Students will have the opportunity to study

classic research and theories that have shaped the discipline
the application of this work in the fields of clinical, criminal, and child psychology
investigating ongoing contemporary issues and debates that continue to fascinate psychologists
Entry requirements:

Psychology as a subject in its own right is studied at GCSE and A-Level. GCSE Psychology is not an entry requirement but candidates possessing the qualification will be at an advantage. The subject demands a good command of English and the ability to analyse and to handle and interpret statistical information. Thus, B grades for English, Maths and Double or Triple Science are the minimum required.

Ofqual (the qualifications “watchdog”) have classified the subject as a Science A-Level due to the focus on scientific methodology and the application of mathematics.

Relevance to further studies and careers:

Psychology A level can be useful for students who intend to work with people. Many students who have studied Psychology A-Level have found it useful in work areas such as healthcare (medicine and allied healthcare disciplines such as nursing and physiotherapy), psychotherapy and counselling, banking, management, media, police, social work, teaching, and statistical analysis.

Teaching staff / further information: Ms T Baker.


Paper 1

Foundations in Psychology

Social, Cognitive, Biological and Learning:

Two hour exam
Worth 90 marks
35% of qualification
Paper 2

Applications of Psychology

Clinical and Criminological/Child/Health:

Two hour exam
Worth 90 marks
35% of qualification
Paper 3

Psychological Skills

Methodology, Review of studies, and Issues and Debates*:

Two hour exam
Worth 80 marks
30% of qualification
NB: Issues and debates are covered at A Level only

Teaching staff / further information: Mrs T McDermott