Awarding body:


AS 7407

A2 7408

Course content and examination requirements:

The aims of this course are to encourage students to:

Develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for Physics, including developing an interest in further study and careers in Physics.
Develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of ‘How Science Works’.
Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of Physics and how they relate to each other.
Year 12 AS

1. Measurements and errors

2. Particles and motion

3. Waves

4. Mechanics and materials

5. Electricity

Paper 1comprises a written exam of one hour thirty minutes and is worth 70 marks

Paper 2 is the same as Paper 1 but with some multiple choice questions

Both papers are worth 50% of the AS level.

Year 13 A2
Sections 1 to 5 (as for AS)


6. Further mechanics and thermal physics

7. Fields and their consequences

8. Nuclear physics

9—13 students select one option

Paper 1.

Sections 1—6.1

Paper 2

Sections 6.2—8

Paper 3

Practical skills and data analysis

Option choice

All three exams are 2 hours in length

Papers 1 and 2 are worth 34% of the full A level

Paper 3 is worth 32% of the full A level.

Relevance to further studies and careers:

A level Physics leads to a variety of careers, not just Physics and engineering. These are possible careers that A-level Physics can lead to:

Food scientist Ergonomics expert Chemist Oceanographer
Climatologist Climatologist Naval architect Orthoptist
Radiographer Geophysicist Audio technician


As well as an Engineer in:

Flight, Design, Mining, Medical, Electrical/electronic, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Agricultural, or Automobile.

Teaching staff / further information:

Mrs V Stevens