Year 5 - Hampton Court

Written by Holly Morey - When Year 5 went to Hampton Court Palace we had great fun as well as learning interesting facts about Tudor life. We first visited the kitchen to see how the Tudors cooked their food. We then acted out Tudor plays and had a tour in the Holy Chapel where we had to be completely silent.

Written by Amelie Luis - When we arrived at Hampton Court Palace, we had a tour of
the Tudor kitchens where King Henry VIII’s staff would have prepared the food. I was
surprised at the size of the kitchen and how big the fire place was. As part of the
workshop, we met the wife of the Revel master who asked us to help her perform a
William Shakespeare play called - Why come ye not to court? After lunch, we visited the chapel where Henry VIII married Catherine Parr. We also visited the small chapel which had a wonderfully decorated ceiling and a replica of Henry VIII’s crown. The real crown would have been made of gold and encrusted with precious jewels. It was magnificent. I really enjoyed my day at Hampton Court Palace.