St Catherine’s in Twickenham combines over 100 years’ experience of Independent education with a modern curriculum that prepares our students for success in the 21st Century.  We are a Catholic girls’ school where every person is a valued member of a happy, vibrant community, comprising students from many different faith and ethnic backgrounds.

It is important for us to be a caring and supportive community in which students are happy, confident and inspired to meet challenges.  Our aim is to help and guide each girl to strive for academic excellence and to achieve her personal best in all aspects of school life.

In partnership with parents, we work hard to produce well-educated, confident, well-balanced young women who are outward looking and are able to meet the challenges of adult life with common sense, integrity and resilience.

Our school motto ‘Non Verba sed Facta’ (Not Words but Deeds) is the bedrock of who and what we are: words are important, but they are not enough; it is ‘doing’ that so often shows that we really mean what we say.  St Catherine’s girls are certainly ‘doers’; they involve themselves enthusiastically and wholeheartedly in everything, which strengthens them as individuals but also deepens the community spirit which is tangible when you walk through the school gates.

Those who visit us often remark on the warm, caring and friendly atmosphere and the self-confidence and enthusiasm of our students – we are proud of this and hope that you will come to visit us and have the opportunity to experience it yourselves.

Sister Paula Thomas