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How to Stay Motivated to Study Over Half Term

Posted: 18th February 2019


During the holidays, it can be tough to stay motivated and continue studying. However, it is possible to stay on track if you put your mind to it… You might even be able to get ahead of the game! Below you will find some advice to help you increase your motivation over half term. Be sure to have a rest as well, as school holidays exist for a reason.


Create a Schedule


You might find it easier to study if you have a schedule to follow. It will help you establish achievable goals, monitor your progress and ensure you take breaks at appropriate times. A schedule will help you spread your time equally across each subject or focus on areas that need more attention. You will also know when you can take some time well deserved time off.


Remove Distractions


Finding the motivation to study can be tough enough even without distractions, such as the TV or a visitor in your home. The trick is to set up your study space in an environment that has limited distractions so you can truly focus. You might even have to head out to the library if there’s too much going on at home.


Reward Yourself


After a productive study session, it’s important to reward yourself as a form of positive reinforcement. This could be a tasty treat or a trip to the cinema with your friends. Especially during the holidays it can’t be all work and no play, because this approach will likely have an adverse effect.


Talk to Someone


Sometimes all it takes to become motivated is talking to someone with a positive, optimistic attitude who can remind you how important it is to do well in life. Being around enthusiastic people like this can really get you in the mood to try your best.

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