Being organised is an important skill for students who want to succeed at school. It comes naturally to some people, but others have to work harder at it. Incorporating a few new routines into your everyday life will help you manage your time and stay on top of things, as well as the following tips:


1.     Use Checklists


Checklists are great for helping you get into a routine and establish consistency. You can use them to make sure you’ve done all of your homework or packed everything you need in your bag. When ticking items of the list, you’ll feel a sense of achievement which will then encourage you to continue. They can be digital checklists on your phone, or a printed version that you could stick on the fridge.


2.     Prepare in Advance


Make sure to prepare for things in advance so that you’re not rushing at the last minute. This could apply to a piece of homework or even packing your bag the night before school so that you’re not panicking in the morning. Good preparation will free up more time for relaxation.


3.     Set Up a Study Space


Be sure to keep work and play completely separate. You need to set up a space for studying that has no distractions, such as the TV or a gaming device. Have all of your stationery and books ready so that you don’t have to interrupt your study session to look for things.


It will take some getting used to but being organised is worth it. Don’t give up too easily and try to be as optimistic as possible. Good luck!