Educational visits, also known as school trips, are great teaching tools that have many benefits for students. They are perfect for mixing things up and eliminating classroom boredom; it’s nice for students to have something to look forward to. What’s more, it’s good for teachers to use a variation of teaching techniques throughout the school term to help students who learn in different ways. Traditional classroom teaching isn’t always best for everyone.


Visiting a place that allows students to immerse themselves in the things they’ve been learning about in class leads to a deeper understanding of the subject. After all, learning is easier when we can see, hear and experience things first hand.  This is particularly useful if the topic is likely to appear as an exam question because students can draw upon practical memories to help them with their answers.


As well as being a great opportunity to learn, school trips are also beneficial from a personal and social perspective. School trips can help students develop and strengthen their relationships with their peers. This is because they get to spend time together outside of their restricted classrooms. As a result, students may become more confident at school and participate during lessons.


Whether students learn a lot or a little during their school trips, they get to have fun and make memories that they can keep forever.